IP and UnFair Competition Law

Companies investing substantial resources in R&D to create “the next big thing”, companies in the creative industries, and companies building their valuable brands all rely on the protection of their IP and business secrets to have an edge over their competitors. IP rights also fuel the creative process of musicians, photographers and videographers, painters, digital artists and other creatives and allow them, deservedly, to live off their works of art.


Our lawyers assist companies and creatives alike in protecting their IP and monetising it. Our services span all stages of the IP life-cycle. We register trademarks, designs, and patents in all relevant registers. We draft and review licensing agreements, Transfer of Know-How contracts, non-disclosure agreements and co-existence agreements.


We also have extensive experience in defending your IP in courts of law (including the Court of Justice of the European Union) as well as before national and international authorities, in particular the EUIPO. Being litigators at heart, we have a particularly successful track-record in contentious trade-mark and copyright matters.


Focus your energy to your creations. We will make sure that you can enjoy the fruit of your labour.


Peters Ortner Partners also assists clients in ensuring the level playing field that keeps their business competitive. Our lawyers advise companies in all matters related to unfair competition, be it misleading and comparative advertisements, sole position advertisements, misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information or other unfair business practices. The spectrum of our casework includes brick-and-mortar businesses as well as clients from new media, including cases relating to online gambling.


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