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Our Firm

Peters Ortner Partners is an internationally operating law firm based in Vienna with a focus on the resolution of complex cross-border disputes before arbitral tribunals and state courts.


We also advise clients on the preparation and implementation of large-scale business ventures, including construction and infrastructure projects, from contract formation to the final steps of project execution.


Our team of internationally recognized lawyers combines legal expertise and deep industry knowledge to provide legal and strategic advice on issues of commercial and corporate law as well as IP and competition law.


We assist our clients in achieving their business objectives in a way that seamlessly blends into the legal background conditions they operate in and to shape these in a practical and cost-effective way where necessary.


Our specialisation and experience in dispute resolution allow us to provide legal and strategic advice with a discerning eye, assisting our clients in realizing their business projects while minimising their exposure to litigation and liability risks.


„Our specialisation and experience in dispute resolution allow us to provide legal and strategic advice with a discerning eye”

Despite our specialisation in arbitration and litigation, we do not consider the litigious process as the be-all and end-all – this sharpest arrow in our quiver is available to our clients, however, in those cases in which all other means have failed.



Our firm was born from decades of collective experience in international arbitration and litigation. Each of our senior lawyers has seen, over many years, both the worst and the best that can come out of legal conflict.


We are not, however, solely procedural lawyers. Our experience spans a broad range of substantive legal fields, from simple delivery and supply contracts to international distribution and dealership arrangements; from small real estate deals to complex constructions and large-scale infrastructure projects; from failed corporate deals and issues of company law to intellectual property rights in technology and design. We see, on a daily basis, where things can go wrong, and we analyse, in every instance, where the ensuing dispute could have been prevented.


„We acknowledge our responsibility to make things possible for our clients rather than burdening their deals with impracticable pro forma advice”

It is this insight which we capitalise on for our clients. Rather than hoping for yet another arbitration or court case, we offer our clients our expertise in these fields of law from a different angle. We assist them in legally structuring their projects, limiting risk and exposure, while at the same time aligning the legal framework of their deals with the industry’s particularities and requirements – implementing foresighted solutions in case something goes wrong. In doing so, we ensure that the advice we give is pragmatic and to the point, favouring targeted briefing notes over lengthy internal memos unless so required by the circumstances or the client.


Most importantly, we acknowledge our responsibility to make things possible for our clients rather than burdening their deals with impracticable pro forma advice. Where risks present themselves, we do not merely disclose them or issue threatening warnings; we address them, propose ways to neutralize them, and outline actions for contingency situations.


We can provide this level of service only in legal fields in which we feel absolutely comfortable and which we can confidently navigate. These fields include:


  • Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation
  • International Project and Supply Contracts
  • Real Estate and Construction Law
  • Corporate and Company Law
  • Distribution and Dealership Law
  • IP and Unfair Competition Law


We have chosen to be a boutique celebrating high-quality legal craftmanship rather than offer industrial mass production of legal services. We are large enough to take on the most complex cases for our clients. We are small enough, however, to work together as a fully integrated and thus highly efficient team with the right level of senior partner involvement to guarantee top-level service while ensuring cost-efficiency.


We have founded Peters Ortner Partners because we simply love what we do. We take joy in working together as a team. And, as that team, we thoroughly enjoy working with our clients to understand the commercial and technical issues they face and craft the optimal legal solution to complement and enhance their commercial strategies – rather than restricting or overpowering them with legalese.


We are proud to see every single senior lawyer recognized and ranked as a leading expert in their field of specialization, particularly dispute resolution in Austria and internationally.


In addition, our diverse team of lawyers provides highly competent advice in corporate and company law, IP and unfair competition law, distribution and dealership law, real estate and construction law, and in all matters concerning international projects and supply contracts.


Through our practice as international litigators, we have become all too acquainted with strategies aimed at steamrolling an opponent through strength in numbers in a battle of material; and we have developed the means to counter these methods. In doing so, however, our lawyers favour elegant riposte over brute force.


„All of us as a team, and each
of us individually, pursue a common goal: to be the quintessential advocate”

Whatever their field of expertise, all our lawyers are united in their aspiration towards excellence and the highest standards of quality. All of us as a team, and each of us individually, pursue a common goal: to be the quintessential advocate.



We are looking for gifted individuals who share our vision. While hard work is essential in achieving the level of quality we demand from ourselves and our team members, we do not expect you to dedicate your life to the firm. We do, however, expect you to dedicate your passion.


„With great talent comes
great responsibility”

The search for long-term cooperation carried by mutual respect for each other’s interests is the core of our recruiting policy. The work we do is highly specialised, and finding the perfect place and role in an efficient yet carefully coordinated team may take not just dedication but also time. We are willing to give you that time, looking at it as an investment into our collective strength and future. Therefore, with few exceptions, we are not looking for short-term working arrangements or internships; we are looking for tomorrow’s partners.


Our firm is currently looking to fill the following positions:


  • Legal Assistant, full-time
  • Legal Assistant, part-time
  • First to Second Year Associate, full-time
  • Third to Fourth Year Associate, full-time


If you wish to apply for a position at Peters Ortner Partners, please direct your application to careers@peters-ortner.partners, together with any documents you think might tell us the most about who you are.


Let us unfold your talent.



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